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Blog: Packaging materials: Useful tips, news and articles

Brown Paper Tape is ECO friendly

ECO friendly and extremely strong. Sticking plastic tapes on cardboard boxes is less desirable in the context of the environment. After all, as a recycling company you would rather not have plastics on a cardboard box.

How to choose the perfect box? Think inside the box!

The boxes in which you deliver your product may seem like an extra, but the presentation of your company should never be taken for granted. Poor quality packaging will keep your business looking cheap, and boxes that don't protect your precious products properly can lead to disputes about refunds and negative reviews from disappointed customers.

Biobased stretch film for pallet stabilisation

Most pallet goods transporters and packers use wrapping film (stretch film) to stabilize products and boxes and protect them directly against external influences. Due to the high requirements that are placed on this, such as strength and stretch, it is technically difficult to make an environmentally friendly variant of this.

PET Band vs Staalband

PET-omsnoeringsband is een ideale verpakkingsoplossing voor de meest uiteenlopende sectoren in de industrie en transport. PET-band heeft een zeer hoge treksterkte, waardoor altijd de grootst mogelijke betrouwbaarheid wordt gegarandeerd.

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