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filed with the Chamber of Commerce and Factories of Flevoland.

Chamber of Commerce: No. 33236408


Deviating conditions, including the purchase conditions of the other party, are only accepted by us if we inform us in writing have agreed. Oral agreements and/or promises are only binding on us if they have been communicated to the buyer in writing have been confirmed.

Should one or more of the provisions of these terms and conditions be invalid, the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions shall remain unaffected in effect. Offers and the conclusion of a purchase agreement All our offers are without obligation. An order placed by the buyer is for binding on us only after we have confirmed or executed that order in writing.


all prices quoted by us are exclusive of VAT. For shipments below the minimum order size determined by us, the buyer is the administration and transport costs applicable at the time of delivery.

If we increase our prices, we reserve the right to invoice orders already confirmed in writing but not yet invoiced for the increased prices. In such a case, however, the buyer has the right to cancel the order within 8 days after we have notified him of the price increase. Have the goods themselves already been produced or are the raw materials intended for their manufacture, already purchased by us, the buyer remains obliged, if we so wish, to purchase the purchased item at the original price. In the event that after written confirmation of an order, changes occur in import duties, taxes and levies from the government, relating to the relevant goods or the raw materials intended for the manufacture thereof, these changes will be passed on to the buyer.

If we are forced to reduce the price, we have the right to cancel the relevant purchase agreement within 14 days of becoming aware of this. If, after written confirmation of an order, a change of more than 2.5% occurs in the exchange rate of the currency of the country of origin of the relevant goods and/or raw materials intended for their manufacture, against the euro, as it stands on the date of the written confirmation of the order, we have the right to pass on this change to the buyer.


samples can only represent the most accurate possible approximation of the product to be delivered. Minor differences between the sample and the delivered batch cannot be a reason for rejection.

Delivery times

the delivery times specified by us in our order confirmations are only approximate. Exceeding a delivery time specified by us in principle does not entitle the buyer to compensation, nor to dissolution of the relevant purchase agreement.


insofar as goods delivered by us are provided with initial packaging, this will not be charged to the buyer. However, if the buyer has special wishes with regard to the packaging or if we deem it necessary to apply special packaging, the costs thereof are calculated separately.


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Chamber of Commerce 33236408

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