Stretch film dispensers

Choose from various models of stretch film dispensers. With adjustable or fixed height. Suitable for all types of hand rolls from our shop. The FIXTOOL brand guarantees the quality you can expect from a film dispenser.

Do you use little amount of stretch film? Then you might suffice with caps or a simple plastic version. It is not recommended to work without a stretch film dispenser. The edges of the cardboard tubes on which the film is wrapped often feels uncomfortable and sharp on the bare hands and can even cause cuts. With the more luxurious models of film dispensers, you can also adjust the tension of the film during wrapping.

 Reseller please inquire for current pallet prices.

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Foliedispenser Coreless
from €6.44

This dispenser can be used in combination with coreless hand stretch film.Are you a reseller for str..

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Foliedispenser FIXTOOLS® Chrome double bearings
from €38.76

FIX Tools® is a brand specially designed for stretch film rolls. We guarantee that this brand of m..

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Handy Wrap Bundelfoliedispenser blauw
from €2.05

For bundle stretch film ( mini rolls) with core 38 / 140 mm...

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Plastic stretch film dispenser 2-parts
from €3.78

For easely unwinding stretch film rolls with a 50mm (standard) core...

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Stretch film FIXTOOLS dispenser chrome single bearing
from €29.35

Bestseller in Europe. Very ergonomic en durable dispenser for handrolls stretch film. Neutral packed..

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