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Shrink film equipment

The  shrink gun, heat gun or hot air gun we supply are  specifically intended for safe and fast shrink film processing. Due to the heat generated by the shrink gun, the film will become "smaller" and pull itself neatly and tightly around the products on the pallet. A shrink gunl from Express Rafale guarantees years of trouble-free processing of shrink film on rolls and shrink sleeves. A shrink gun is often used for sealing heavy pallet products such as bottles of liquor, stones, roof tiles, etc. In addition, there are also many scaffolding builders that use shrink film. On a scaffolding sealed with shrink film, you can stand out of the wind and it is also fall-proof. The Express Rafale shrink gun is good and solid equipment. Excellent price / quality ratio.

Gas cylinder trolley

Handy equipment for use with schrink gun. Move easily arround pallets and other objects.  Price..

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Schrink heat gun Express Rafale 4065

Guilbert Express Rafale shrinkforming gun 65 kW is a shrinkforming heat gun. Its piezo ignition..

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Schrinkgun Rafale 4040

For the simple and fast processing of shrink film and shrink sleeves.Use for sealing pallets, boats,..

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