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Pre-stretch film

Pre-stretch film is a wrapping film for stabilising pallets for transport or warehousing. This particulair type of film is already been stretched in the production proces. The big benefit here is that you don't need much force during pallet wrapping. Just place the film on the pallet and walk around it easily. You do not have to pull very hard on the film like normal stretch film. Beside that the rolls are very light weighted which is also comfortable working for your employers. Standard film will keep stretching when it's forced by the palletload during driving, breaking and pulling. Pre-stretch won't stretch anymore so your pallet load will better secured.

Another benefit of Pre-stretch wrapping film is its economical use compared with standard stretch wrap film. You need less wraps around the pallet to get a sturdy pallet fuse. That way you save material and create much less waste. For companies that consider their footprint on the environmental impact, Pre-stretch film is definitely recommended. Financially, there is also a lot to win.

The price per meter is higher than in conventional films, but it is very economical in use when used properly. Pre-stretch wrapping film is available as a hand roll and as a machine roll for automatic pallet winding.


Hand stretch film New Generation 7µ / 43cm / 600m Pre-Stretch

New Generation Stretch Film is a completely new type of recycled stretch wrap film for manual use ..

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