Pallet wrappers

Pallet wrappers: Automate = saving

For companies that need to wrap around 20 pallets or more with stretch film per day, it is cost-effective to switch to an automated solution. You save on labor, time and material costs. With the purchase of the right machine, you sometimes earn it back within a year.

Maximum elongation of the wrapping film

With the modern pallet wrapping systems you can also use the saving stretch wrapping films. This so-called Powerstretch film in combination with the right machine makes it possible to stretch the film up to 300%. For example, 1 meter of film on a roll is stretched to a length of no less than 4 meters. That is something that you will not succeed manually. Despite of the slightly higher foil price, you will be saving costs per pallet wrapping, simply because it works more economically!

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