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Small film rolls: Custom made stretch film for horizontal wrappers

This sort of article can be manufactured exactly to order for the client. Cut film is intended for processing in a horizontal wrapper. This machine can usually pack products at high speed on a production line so that products are drawn through the machine for wrapping. There is such a wide variety of suppliers of these machines that it can be said that rolls have to be custom made for each machine. Small film is supplied in widths varying from 5cm through 25cm, with anything being possible between these two extremes.

We supply small film rolls to be one-sided. As mentioned earlier, this means that the film is smooth on one side and sticky on the other, increasing the adhesive power. Besides being one-sided, this type of film can also be supplied in the following qualities: in colour, anti-static, UV-stable and power-stretch.

The drum can vary from 30mm up to 76mm – again, depending on machine type. The trend is, however, that still more new machines are only produced for processing drum 38 products and this must be a power-stretch as standard.

stretch film 23my, 125mm, K76 transp. 150%

stretch film 23my, 25cm, K76 transp. 150%Custom made stretch filmThis sort of article can be manufa..

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Small film rolls, stretch film, horizontal wrappers
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