Bag sealers

We supply different models of bag closures for easy closing of all your plastic bags. Suitable for 9-12 mm tape width. The advice is to use 9mm PVC vinyl tape for optimum results. The  bag closure tape is available in different colors. Red, yellow, blue, white and green.

Poly bag sealers are very convenient for fast and safe sealing of bags of bread, candy and all kinds of other foods. You will therefore notice these bag sealers in food stores and on the market. Also, for some production companies, a bag shutter can of course also be a solution in the packaging process. The construction is made of a very sturdy metal, with or without cutting unit. The cutting unit ensures that all bags are cut at the same distance from the tape. This bag sealer is also available in stainless steel / Inox.

Special Features:

  •     Integrated with trimmer
  •     Metal construction
  •     With pre-drilled holes on the base for mounting
  •     Tape stabilizer
  •     Tape cutting blade is anti-rust


Poly Bag Sealer E7R INOX
from €14.50

Stainless steel INOX for food-safe environments and long life guarantee. Safely and quickly close pl..

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Poly bag sealer H7 with knife
from €7.78

This model metal poly bag closer is the most sold model in the Europe. Safely and quickly close pl..

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